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Milly Hill Lamb is a family owned Australian business specialising in the supply of premium quality, wholesale free range lamb to recognised restaurants and retail outlets throughout South East Queensland and NSW.

Milly Hill Lamb began in 2007 as a small local business supplying home-delivered ‘lamb in a box’ to friends and family in the New England district of NSW.  As demand for premium lamb grew both locally and interstate, grower and professional lamb buyer, Peter Strelitz recognised the need for a lamb brand exemplifying excellence in quality, consistency and reliability.

The formation of a value chain with stringent specifications today provides Milly Hill Lamb with access to  specialist farmers and suppliers who dedicate their very best lambs and product to the Milly Hill Lamb brand.  With a hands-on approach from the paddock to the plate, Peter continues to personally select many of the prime lambs for the Milly Hill brand and meets regularly with chefs and restaurateurs to hear firsthand what their customers are saying about Milly Hill Lamb.

Milly Hill Lamb exemplifies quality - only the best, most consistent  product is sourced for our lamb brand.

Peter and Sally Strelitz with their children Amber, Olivia,Zoe and Sam


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We are proud to support Milly Hill Lamb. The consistency and flavour of their Lamb is a credit to Peter’s commitment to quality. We always pair the lamb with simple flavours and let the product shine. My job as the chef is easy. ‘Shut up and let the lamb do the talking ’

Troy Rhodes Head Chef and Owner

Muse Restaurant, Café and Kitchen