We are lucky enough to have some amazing specialist producers supply prime lambs for the Milly Hill Lamb brand. Meet some of our Feature Growers and learn more about the people (and lambs) behind our brand.

2011 Featured Grower


The Mills, second generation farmers on the highly productive New England tableland region of NSW have been supplying Milly Hill Lamb since its inception.  With a commitment to quality and consistently meeting stringent market specifications, Principal Wayne Mills recognised the value in being aligned with a brand based on the same values and with a rapidly growing market share.Today nearly all Mawarra lambs are sold under the Milly Hill brand.

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A close father and son partnership spanning 40 years and a passion for their industry have seen prime lamb producers Irwin and Graham Partridge align themselves with Milly Hill Lamb.

Spanning approximately 1500 hectares in the breathtaking Walcha Shire, the Partridge’s property “Westview” is renowned for its natural beauty and highly productive pastures.  Each year Irwin and Graham turn off more than 4,000 prime lambs following a highly selective breeding program, a significant investment in pasture and crop management as well as best practice animal husbandry.

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We are proud to support Milly Hill Lamb. The consistency and flavour of their Lamb is a credit to Peter’s commitment to quality. We always pair the lamb with simple flavours and let the product shine. My job as the chef is easy. ‘Shut up and let the lamb do the talking ’

Troy Rhodes Head Chef and Owner

Muse Restaurant, Café and Kitchen