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A close father and son partnership spanning 40 years and a passion for their industry have seen prime lamb producers Irwin and Graham Partridge align themselves with Milly Hill Lamb.

Spanning approximately 1500 hectares in the breathtaking Walcha Shire, the Partridge’s property “Westview” is renowned for its natural beauty and highly productive pastures.  Each year Irwin and Graham turn off more than 4,000 prime lambs following a highly selective breeding program, a significant investment in pasture and crop management as well as best practice animal husbandry.

When it comes to producing the very best in lamb, Graham says it is essential to ensure lambs are forward growing at all times and that they do not experience any setbacks.

“We ensure our lambs are forward growing all the time by keeping our pastures well fertilised and by sowing a highly nutritious crop such as rye grass and chicory to overcome any seasonal feed deficits.  We know this recipe provides the necessary flavour, yield and fat cover required by modern consumers”.

Producing tender lamb is also a key focus of the Partridge’s.  This is achieved by ensuring animals are kept in a low stress environment as well as being on a rising plane of nutrition at all times.  All lambs are sold at less than 12 months of age, essential in the production of lean and tender lamb.

When it comes to purchasing rams and replacement ewes, extensive checks are carried out on all animals and only those meeting all criteria are considered for purchase.  New England bred rams with good frames as well as proven fat and muscle scores are often chosen for joining with New England bred ewes as well as western bred ewes, renowned for their maternal traits and adaptability.

Irwin and Graham are also passionate about their environment and for many years have been planting tree lines to provide shelter for their lambs as well as improving the native habitat.  Their challenge for the next 12 months is to repair and regenerate the new country they have purchased nearby.


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Milly Hill Lamb is not just a catchy name, but one of the most consistent lamb products seen in the Queensland marketplace.

David Pugh

Restaurant Two, Brisbane