Quality Assurance

Uncompromising specifications, attention to detail and quantitative measures throughout the supply chain underpin the Milly Hill Lamb brand.  High standards of animal health and welfare as well as best practice management systems are essential in order to produce a premium lamb brand.

Milly Hill Lamb is produced in accordance with Australia’s Livestock Production Assurance program giving customers and end-users confidence in the safety of the food they are purchasing.

Professional livestock assessors using stringent specifications purchase only the very best prime lambs available to go into the Milly Hill Lamb brand.

Milly Hill lamb is fully traceable under the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).  Each lamb is assigned an ear tag soon after birth showing the Property Identification Code (PIC) i.e. the property where the lamb was born.  This number remains with the lamb right through until processing enabling carcases to be traced back to the property of origin.

All meat is packed and processed in facilities that are part of either AQIS’s Meat Safety Quality Assurance Program or AUS-MEAT’s internationally recognised Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001: 2000 and Safe Food Queensland.




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We have been using Milly Hill Lamb here at the Royal for the past 4 years, and why not. It is a great product with a consistent flavour and sweet taste. My brief visit to the Milly Hill farm in May gave me insights into their free range sustainable form of farming and now know why their lamb is of such good quality - their lambs are happy.

Royal On The Park

Rhian Rodrigues